be.tex® Classic Towel

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  • 06500-0160-3300
  • 0,29 kg
  • 160 cm (B)
  • PES/CO
  • white
  • < 1 %
  • < 1.5 %
  • 195°C, 60 seconds
  • Terry Cloth
  • 0,5cm
The new „Classic“ towel from bergertextiles combines a perfect print result with outstanding,... more

The new „Classic“ towel from bergertextiles combines a perfect print result with outstanding, functional properties. With its special surface structure, the polyester velour side ensures that the print always looks brilliant – no matter in which direction the fibre is coated. Of course, this does not affect the functionality of a towel: the extra thick cotton backing ensures a pleasant drying experience that qualifies for daily use.

Product Line: Home & Fashion
Ink: Ink
Care: Care Care Care Care Care
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*Important: Always perform print test! Many parameters influence the print result: printer, type of ink, textile, room climate, intended use and much more. An ideal print result can only be achieved in combination. That is why we at bergertextiles recommend only the printing processes for a product that will achieve the best results. The recommendations are the result of intensive print tests and must meet the highest demands in terms of print quality. Often it is also possible to print the textiles with other printing processes. In these cases, the individual requirements and technical possibilities are very important. All technical information was determined according to the current state of measurement technology and reflects the values of the test sample. Despite the highest quality standards, there may be deviations in production technology – all information is not legally binding and without guarantee.